Lee Quickmire, New Years Eve Wedding.

Hi Chris

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing evening. The band were getting rave review’s from everyone I spoke too. Letting my Uncle (he was my Dads brother but is so close to us) having the performance of his life was a very special moment for him and for us and I’d like to thank you for letting us do that. He and I will never forget that and it was the icing on the cake and a very special moment…I hadn’t cried all day but that was my breaking point!

The band and performance was exceptional and I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the day also. I will certainly tag the photos when we get them back and will tag anyone I see on social media.

Thanks again Chris, you have the best band I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a few in my time, it really was a fantastic night and you guys helped make it that special.

Best Regards


Chris is a founding member of The Mini Big band and...

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